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Benefits of Rock Tamers

The Enkay Rock Tamers by Cruiser Accessories is the best removable mud flap system on the market. These flaps are most commonly seen on trucks or SUV's that are towing boats or trailers. This system is fully adjustable adjustable using spindle arms allowing your to raise and lower the arms. Plus, the Rock Tamers can be adjusted from 66" to 93.75" to cover most vehicles. With huge 24" x 24" mud flaps, this system stops any mud, rock and road debris from hitting your towables. Rock Tamers are a must if you tow a boat, cars, trailers, etc. Don't risk your valuable investments by towing or driving without mud flaps. We like to say: it's better to invest $160 in a mud flap system then destroy your $100,000 boat or trailer.

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More About Rock Tamers Hitch Mount Mud Flaps

Best Hitch Mud Flap on the Market

Each set of Rock Tamers is guaranteed for 1 year. This means if the center hub cracks or the adjustable arms stress you can get a replacement part for free. Another benefit of this system is easy storage capabilities. The set can be dissassembled and put away in minutes. Plus, the system is light weight for easy mounting or storage on your garage wall. So which set shoudl you choose? There are three different models available. Part: 00105, 00106 and 00108. The 00105 and 00106 are made of high quality injected aluminum and come with a chrome or black powder coat finish. The NEW 00108 comes with fully forged aluminum spindles and center hub for twice the strength of the original. Each set comes with two 24 x 24 inch mud flaps; designed to hang straight and not flap in the wind. Rock Tamers fit any 2" receiver hitch/ball mount. They mount by simply sliding your ball mount through the center hub and into your receiver. When you are done using the mud flap system slide your ball mount out and remove the system. Too easy! Bumpersuperstore.com is the original inventor of the Rock Tamers system, so buy your set with confidence from the same people that invented it, Bumpersuperstore.com! Call 1-720-895-1744 for more information or to order by phone.