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Are you looking for mud flaps with logos? Plasticolor mud flaps for trucks and cars are available in plain and with vehicle manufacturer logs. PlastiColor also makes stainless steel mud flaps that easily mount to your Truck, Car, or SUV. Each logo mud flap comes with factory licensed Chevy, Ford and Dodge logos, and are the most colorful and durable on the market today! Are these mud flaps durable? Of course, most flaps have a fiberglass backing that not only keeps them from cracking or splitting, but also adds memory to keep their shape. Plasticolor mud guards are also made of a specially formulated PVC that easily withstands sub-zero temperatures and extreme heat without cracking. Mud flaps measure 9 in. x 15 in. or 11 in. X 19 in., and can be installed easily with simple household tools and easy to follow instructions.
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