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The Rock Tamers Mud Flap System is the best Adjustable-Removable mud flap brand on the market. Rock Tamers The Rock Tamers have won awards and has been written up in trade magazines. Rock Tamer Adjustable Removable Mud Flap System is design to fit all trucks, including duallys & SUV's. It is lightweight for easy assembly and storage. Rock Tamers are a must if you tow a boat, cars, trailers, etc.

Don't risk your valuable investments by towing or driving without mud flaps. Rock Tamers have been designed to offer maximum protection. The Rock Tamer brand is guaranteed for life. The parts are made of high quality injected aluminum with Stainless Steel parts. The Mud Flaps have been designed to hang straight and not flap in the wind. Tools are provided with each kit for assembly.

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Mudflaps.com carries a wide variety of truck mud flaps and splash gaurds from: Action Accessories Blue Ox Sport Guard, Contura Highland, Deflecta Shield, Plasti Color, Road Sport, Road Wing, Rock Solid, Rock Tamers, Tainium, Towtector, Ultra Guard, Go Industries and more...

The 00105 Rock Tamers adjustable mud flaps system by Cruiser Accessories is the only adjustable and removable mudflap support system. The center hub attaches to most 2 inch ball mounts and the pivoting arms allow you to easily adjust the height and width to what you need. These heavy duty removable mud flaps provide ultimate protection for towing boats, trailers and 5th wheel trailers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, vehicles and more. The Rock Tamer heavy duty rubber towing mudflaps are 24" x 24" and can be cut to any length. It's very easy to assemble with no drilling on your vehicle, and are easily removed when not in use. The Rock Tamer is available in both polished chrome and black powder coat finishes. Each kit includes a center hub with adjustable arms, custom-molded 24 inch x 24 inch rubber mud flaps, solid 4130 steel support rods and a package of required hardware.