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Universal Fit Mud Flaps

Universal Mud Flaps, Mud Guards & Splash Guards offer a fit and finish to any type vehicle. Most Universal mud flaps & splash guard applications will fit on cars, SUV's or trucks. Fender wells differ thus at times modification is necessary for the proper fit. The most common universal mud flap is rectangular in shape with a radius cut out to accommodate for the fender well.

A universal splash guard or mud flap is a flat piece of either plastic or rubber and is normally mounted by screws. Various lengths and widths are offered in the universal category to satisfy the needs of both cars and trucks. Some truck applications may require a longer Splash Guard or Mud Flap due to the height of the the vehicle.

Rubber Universal Splash Guards or Mud Flaps are geared for commercial, large equipment, large tires and/or lifts. Because these mud flaps are large they are generally located behind the rear tires and are not as likely to have a custom fit behind the front tires. This does not mean "Rubber Universal" mud flaps or splash guards can't be made to fit. However, they are generally used to prevent damage to whatever is being towed or to meet state regulations.

Rubber Universal Splash Guards or Mud Flaps are often cut to size based upon how high the bumper or hardware is located. Rubber universal mud flaps are generally heavier duty and thicker than a plastic flap or guard. A universal rubber mudflap is the most widely used application on the market due to the wear and tear the mud flaps can take.

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