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Highland Contura mud flaps are a far cry from the bulky, unattractive mud flaps of the past. Instead, highland Contura mud flaps are notable for their many contoured, sleek designs that not only are engineered to fulfill the responsibilities of a mud flap, but also make an attractive addition to almost any vehicle, adding a touch of custom-like style. Made of sturdy, high quality materials, a set of Highland mud flaps is sure to provide years of reliable service. When you install a set of Highland mud flaps, you help to protect your vehicle from the road debris and road splash thrown by the tires. Road debris is just about inevitable, and after a while, it can cause dings in your wheel wells and along the side of the body, dulling the finish and eventually even compromising it.

Protecting your vehicle with a set of Highland mud flaps helps to prevent road spray, often laden with dissolved road salt during the winter months, from splashing your vehicle, dirtying it and, much more importantly, potentially contributing to corrosion springing up in any breaches of the surface. All mounting hardware is included and the Contura Mud Flaps are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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