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Action Accessories specializes in Custom Mud Flaps, Mud Guards and Mud Flaps-Splash Guard systems and accessories for full size Trucks, Duallys and Motorhomes. Not only does Action manufacture some of best and most unique removable hitch mount Mud Flaps/Mud Guards/Splash Guards in the industry.

Action Accessories also produces:

  • Stainless Steel Heahache Racks
  • Black & Chrome Ball Mounts
  • Big Drop & Extreme Ball Mounts
  • Towing Extensions, Hitch Adaptors, Hitch Balls, Hitch Pins
  • Motorcycle Carriers, Camper Steps, Hitch Caps & Magnetic Tow Lights
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    More About Action Accessories Mud Flaps

    Action Accessories offers the most unique and exceptional styles of Mud Flaps/Splash Guards/Mud Guards available on the market today. They have Scenery and Logo anchor weights that make any flap look spectacular. The machine work on all of these applications is outstanding! The fit and finish is unsurpassed and you can see just how good a Mud Flap can really look like. Take the time to search out Actions variety of products, you'll be glad you did...I have purchased some of Actions products for my own use...it's great stuff!

    Action Accessories offers the best selections of custom mud flaps, mud guards, anchor weights, mud flap ornaments and ball mounts. Action Accessories mud flaps are unique & stylish in designs. They offer custom stainless steel Anchor Weights and Anchor Weights to dress up your mud flap. Action Accessories is builds mud flaps for lifted trucks with big tires. These mudflaps are the solution to increasing attention by local and state governments towards lifted trucks with big tires. Action Accessories offers flaps that can be removed when you don't wish to have them on your truck. Action Accessories products are made from the highest quality materials with workmanship second to none. If your looking for something more than just a mud flap, then check out Action, you'll be glad you did!