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You may not know the importance mudflaps can have on your vehicle. Whether you have a car, SUV, truck, Jeep or van, mud flaps can keep your vehicle looking great while keeping it running properly and efficiently. Bumpersuperstore.com is the leading online seller of mud flaps in the world!

Mud flaps, also known as mud guards or splash guards, can help protect your vehicle from a lot of weather conditions and debris from the road. While driving on the road, your tires are constantly coming in contact with rocks, mud, dirt, salt, tar, water and other elements found on the road. They also roll through rain, snow, ice and the grimy slush. When this happens, this nasty slush, road grime or debris splatters onto your automobile's paint. Over time this will corrode the paint and metal on your vehicle, creating unsightly rust that can inevitably hurt the frame of your car.

So once you realize how important your mud flaps are and they are just not for off-roaders, you will have to make the choice of what kind you need. There are many different styles including custom-made guards that look very streamline. There are guards that are made of strong plastic or rubber. Plastic splash guards are often found on cars, can withstand harsh weather conditions and are durable enough to avoid cracking from debris. Rubber flaps are most commonly found on truck and heavy duty vehicles. The rubber material is just as durable as plastic, but is more flexible. Both types of mud flaps can easily be cleaned and can be driven through a car wash.

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Best Selling - Husky Liners Mud Flaps
Husky liners custom molded mud flaps provide optimal protection for your truck. These Husky mudflaps are made of high quality plastic and are custom molded to fit your truck. Husky logo ready...More Details »
Best Selling - Vortex Splash Guards
The 76001 Vortex Mud Guard Splash Guard by Hopkins features: Designed to protect the vehicle from chipping, pitting and rusting Features a patented louvered design Decreases wind resistance...More Details »
Best Selling - Go Industries Mud Flaps
Go Industries offers the Classic Dually Set, Stainless Dually Set, Bright Diamond Tread Dually Set, Single wheel Truck Accessories and Dually Accessories. If you are going to be driving a Dually,...More Details »
Best Selling - Highland Contura Splash Guards
Highland is the leader in cargo management and vehicle protection products. Highland products are manufactured to the highest quality standards designed to meet-and exceed- every expectation....More Details »
Best Selling - Road Sport Mud Flaps
Road Sport is the leading mud flap company in the world. Road sport offers a variety of mud flaps to fit your vehicle including: Ultimate Fit & Big Mudder™ Splashguards Pro•Fit™...More Details »
Best Selling - Rock Tamers
The Rock Tamers Mud Flap System is the best Adjustable-Removable mud flap brand on the market. Rock Tamers The Rock Tamers have won awards and has been written up in trade magazines. Rock Tamer...More Details »
Best Selling - Weathertech Mud Flaps
Weathertech Mud Flaps are the top selling mud flap on the market. These splash guards are made to fit your vehicle like the manufacturer intended. Featuring the Patent Pending QuickTurnTM hardened...More Details »
Best Selling - Luverne Mud Flaps

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