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If you have a lifted truck then you know standard mud flaps won't work. These Shocker Mud Flaps are designed to offer added protection owners with lifted trucks. These mud flaps are used on show trucks and off road beasts. The quick release system makes removing the flaps easy and adding the flaps a breeze. Increasing regulations or lifted trucks has lead to Shocker Mud Flaps being the #1 flap for covering your tires. Shocker flaps are available in Black, White and Clear. Thats right, clear!

How to measure for the best fit. Measure from the frame of your truck to the outside of your tires. You should choose the offset that is closest to this distance. Example: If the measurement from the frame of your truck is 20" to your tires then choose a bracket offset (Frame Offset) of 20". If you need help call us at 1-720-242-7322!

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