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MCE Fenders provide the blend of Jeep heritage with modern hardcore function and look to your modern Wrangler. This is something that is unique to Jeeps, as the YJ and TJ Wranglers are a much more modern update to a vehicle that was developed in the 1940s! Today, just as the design and technology increased over the years of our favorite vehicle, so has our ability in fender design. Starting with the material, our MCE-Spec TPO plastic is the modern approach to fender material. MCE-Spec plastic is ultra-durable, lightweight, UV-stable, will not sag, rust, and is flexible enough to absorb an impact on the trail - without transferring the impact to the Jeep’s weight-saving thin sheet metal body. That last item is something that is common with rigid steel and aluminum fenders: take a trail hit and suddenly the grille is warped and the tub is bent, etc. We stand behind our MCE-Spec plastic’s durability so much that we offer an industry-exclusive, no fine-print, Lifetime Warranty to the original buyer against cracking. Cold weather and off-roading do not affect this! If you find a way to crack an MCE Fender, just send in a photo, cover the shipping, and we’ll send you a replacement. Further, simply installing MCE Fenders on your YJ or TJ provides 1” of extra tire clearance inside the wheel well, and 2” at the out lip compared to a stock flare, meaning you can install a larger tire with less lift. MCE YJ and TJ Fenders are easy to install over a trimmed stock fender (we supply a paper template), come with all stainless hardware, aluminum brackets, and are MADE IN THE USA!

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