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The Go Industries Big Tex™ Grille Guards are unlike any other grille guards. Go Industries grille guards are constructed using heavy-duty 1.9", 14 gauge steel tubing. With beefy uprights are made from extreme-duty 11 gauge steel your truck will have maximum protection. Each Big Tex grille guard upright has a thick rubber push pads to absorb light impacts. The Big Tex directly fits into factory-drilled holes in your chassis for most Trucks. Optional Brush guards wrap around your headlights for protection. Each Go Industries grille guard is made in Texas by genuine Texans. Go Industries has so much confidence in this grille guard a 6 year warranty is included with every nickel-chrome plating finished Big Tex.

Enhance your Big Tex Grille Guard with an optional Big Tex Headlight Guard or a Big Tex Step Plate.
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More About Big Tex Grille Guards for Ford Trucks

Go Industries offers three heavy duty, high quality grille guard solutions for your truck. The Big Tex, Rancher and Knockdown Grille Guards offer maximum protection and stylish looks to your vehicle. Grille guards are essential in places with heavy animal traffic or in many off-road situations. Protect your vehicle with a GO Industries grille guard for a fraction of the cost compared to the value of your life and vehicle.

Grille Guards & Bull Bars from Mudflaps.com give your vehicle strong, brawny and stylish front-end protection. Grille Guards, Push Bars, Brush Guards & Bull Bars protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle against street and off-road hazards. Why spend money on costly repairs to your vehicle from an accident when you can prevent damage to your truck & yourself with heavy, duty grille guards. Our assortment of Grille Guards, Push Bars, Brush Guards & Bull Bars by leading manufactures provide superior protection to the front-end of your truck or SUV making them perfect for off-roading.