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The Access Roll Up Toolbox Covers have all aluminum construction, roll up bars and bows and UV resistant double coated vinyl fabric. The XT-DIAL tension adjusters let you hand tune the tarp tightness with a few easy turns, no complicated springs, levers or tools needed. The smooth 1" hook and loop running the full length of the bed mean there are no snaps or debris catching tracks to get in the way. Real world tested and approved, the unique design fits effortlessly behind an over-the-rail toolbox. Features include:

  • Engineered to operate in all four seasons
  • 6 to 8 Tight-Bite Clamps secure the cover to the truck
  • XT-Dial tension adjusters feature a large, oversized grip
  • Element Seal forms a tight weather seal along the front of the truck
  • Premium Cover Limited Warranty.
  • Warrants all covers to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
  • Will not interfere with toolbox operation
  • Cover rolls up compactly to fit behind the toolbox
  • Premium Cover Limited Warranty
  • Designed for your Chevy/GMC Truck

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    More About Access Toolbox Cover

  • Cover Rolls Up Easily The Toolbox Edition Tonneau Cover quickly and easily rolls up to fit compactly behind toolbox. This allows for full bed usage.

  • Fully Operational Toolbox Cover does not interfere with operation of toolbox. It can easily be opened with the cover closed or rolled up.

  • Latching System Easy release with the pull of a cord, the AutoLatch™ automatically locks when the cover is closed.

  • Additional Security Patented slide lock offers additional locked protection for your cover. Push to lock, pull to unlock. It works with a locked tailgate to give you ultimate protection.

  • Tight Bite™ Clamps Installs in minutes. Specially cut "teeth" maintain a superior grip and exceptional strength.

  • Tension Adjustment The XT-Dial™ features an easy grip tension adjuster for perfect tension control. No tools - no hassles.

  • Front Header Bar Forms a tight barrier between your truck and cover. Combined with the front and rear reinforced vinyl seal - the cover is sealed on all four sides.

    Tonneau covers offer a number of benefits to pick up truck owners:

    Protection from weather: Tonneau covers will protect truck contents and the truck bed itself from rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Tonneau covers also protect contents from the damaging effects of the heat of the sun.

    Security and theft protection: Truck Tonneau covers offer increased security because the time it would take to open or remove a truck bed cover would discourage theft. For added security, a locking mechanism is available for some styles.

    Organization and safe transport: Truck Bed Covers keep cargo in the bed from rolling and rattling around, and can help prevent damage and breakage. Tonneau covers also keep contents from being blown around or blown out of the truck by wind.