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Need a truck bed cover that is barely there, well here it is. The Access Vanish tonneau cover brings great tonneau features like all weather coverage and better MPG and yet lies only 1 inch above the truck box. This tonneau cover is the lowest profile cover that comes with the lowest price. Standard components such as the automatic tension control, hook and loop sealing system and handy trigger release are hard to overlook. The EZ-Dial Tension adjuster lets you set cover tension with the turn of a dial, no tools needed. Two slide locks work with your locking tailgate to give you additional protection.
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Tonneau covers offer a number of benefits to pick up truck owners:

Protection from weather: Tonneau covers will protect truck contents and the truck bed itself from rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Tonneau covers also protect contents from the damaging effects of the heat of the sun.

Security and theft protection: Truck Tonneau covers offer increased security because the time it would take to open or remove a truck bed cover would discourage theft. For added security, a locking mechanism is available for some styles.

Organization and safe transport: Truck Bed Covers keep cargo in the bed from rolling and rattling around, and can help prevent damage and breakage. Tonneau covers also keep contents from being blown around or blown out of the truck by wind.