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BAKFlip F1 is built to last! Features include:

  • Higher density EPS core.
  • Superior impact resistance.
  • Lighter weight panels.
  • UV protected black finish.
  • Stays cooler to the touch than aluminum.
  • performance in extreme weather.
  • Refined operating components.
  • 2 year factory warranty.
  • Made for your Ford Truck
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    More About Ford

    The BAK Industries BakFLIP F1 is a fiberglass reinforced polymer tonneau cover. This truck bed cover provides unparalleled impact resistance while the aluminum underside ensures absolute structural security. The BAK Industries BakFLIP F1 was designed for people that are particularly hard on their tonneau covers or who live in climates that are subject to a lot of hail, ice and snow.

    This truck tonneau cover is made from materials that are virtually indestructible. The BAK Industries BakFLIP F1 is a tonneau cover that is actually stronger than the body of your pickup truck. It will never dent through normal daily use, even when you drop something heavy on it or get caught in a severe hail storm.