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BakBox is built to last! Features include:

  • Made from strong double sided aluminum or composite panels
  • BakBox is built just like your BakFlip tonneau cover. It's strong and reliable!
  • The BakBox lid is actually the folded up panels of the BakFlip tonneau cover.
  • You can stand on it or use it as a bench to sit on.
  • All finsihes are powder coated to OEM standards.
  • Made for your Toyota Truck
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    More About Toyota

    The first BAK Industries BakBOX has just been approved by us at BAK Industries. For those that are not yet familiar with this awesome product, the BAK Industries BakBOX is a collapsable cargo / toolbox that snaps onto the rail of any BakFlip tonneau cover.

    When it's installed, nobody will even know that it's there. It is sleek, unassuming and exceptionally well designed. The new BakBOX is certainly in keeping with the superior nature of the BakFlip tonneau cover and will undoubtedly add a wealth of added features and benefits to an already stellar product.