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Get the same type of wide-coverage mud flaps on your truck as those used on large semi-trucks for your Dodge Truck. Pro Flaps are made of fade-resistant heavy-duty 3/8" polyurethane with an anti-spray design that incorporates vertical ridges so water will drain down and not out. They attach to your truck using galvanized support brackets that will not rust. Mirror-finish stainless steel weights add a custom look. Vehicles must have a minimum of 7" of clearance from the bottom of the Pro Flap to the road surface. Includes all mounting hardware.

Pro Flaps mud flaps feature:

  • Heavy Duty 3/8" polyurethane flaps
  • Anti-spray design with vertical ridges
  • Use non rust, galvanized support brackets
  • Stainless Steel Anchor Weights
  • Maximum mud flap protection
  • Designed to fit your Chevy/GMC
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    More About Dodge

    All of our flaps use our patented polyurethane material that is designed to handle extreme cold weather as well as hot. Our flaps are on trucks from Alaska to Arizona. Pro Flaps are designed with a textured surface for ease of cleaning and helps to prevent sun fading. Our flaps remain the same color of black as the day you bought them for years to come.

    Pro Flaps are designed to not only bring style to your truck but to also protect your truck. They are made of an exceptionally strong and grooved material and have a rigged tire side to direct water and mud down not out. Pro Flaps are also designed to be Longer, Wider, and Stronger giving you maximum protection.