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Husky Liners® Tailgates are the perfect product to help protect and enhance your truck. At BumperSuperstore.com we stock a large selection of headache racks from leading brands. Our aluminum truck accessories include contractors' racks, 5th wheel tailgates and sunshades. Our 5th Wheel Tailgates are contoured to specifically match your truck. They are easy to install and use all the factory hinge and latch points. How about fuel savings? These louvered tailgates are half the weight of the factory tailgates - helping you increase gas mileage. They are also easier to open and close - the center locking latch eliminates the need for two separate "pull" type latches found on other manufacturer's tailgates for trucks.

Husky Liners® Contractors Rack help keep your cab cooler by blocking the sun's rays and provide great protection to your truck's cab and back glass. Our Conracks are specifically designed to fit your truck and give you the ability to transport various loads. Longer items can be angled from the bed floor and secured between the ears on the top of the Contractors Rack. Most of our Conracks will also accommodate a standard size truck toolbox.

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