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  • Hard tonneau cover retracts into canister at the front of the truck bed
  • Durable black powder-coat finish on rigid aluminum panels
  • Patented silicon weather hinge provides a tight seal between the aluminum panels
  • Manual Switch Kit (available as an option) can be mounted in the cab or back by the tailgate in case of lost or broken remotes.
  • Electromagnetic brake locks cover in any position
  • Electric motor operated by remote control
  • Drive System release lever provides cover operation in case of lost power
  • No-drill, clamp-in design (on most applications) for installation in about an hour
  • Low-profile, aerodynamic design saves gas
  • Fits over 5th wheel trailer hitches
  • Designed specifically for your truck
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    More About Bedlocker Electric with Standard Rails

    How does the Bedlocker Electric work?

    The Bedlocker Electric is powered by an electric motor in the canister that opens and closes the cover along rails fastened to the truck bed via a remote control.

    What is the Bedlocker Electric made of?

    The Bedlocker Electric is manufactured out of heavy gauge extruded aluminum panels with a black textured powder coat finish for increased strength and durability that are fastened together with a silicone hinge seal.

    Is the cover hard to install? How long will installation take?

    The installation of the Bedlocker Electric is relatively easy. The most time consuming part of the installation is the running of the wire harness down the frame rail of the truck. As for the electrical part you will just be connecting the positive (red) wire and the negative (black) wire directly to the battery. Installation should take under 1 hour for the professional and 1½-2 hours for a first time installer. See the installation instructions here.

    Does my engine have to be running to operate the cover?

    No your cover will operate on battery only however, you will notice that it does run slightly faster with the engine running. The controller will not operate if the amperage draw falls below 10.5 amps. This will still allow you to crank the engine.