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Looking for a solid, heavy duty diamond plated rear bumper? Look no further. This aftermarket rear bumper delivers heavy duty rear end protection and offers a stylish, rugged look to your rig. With heavy access to factory tow hooks or aftermarket hitch and osmetically covers wiring and all rear parts. This Frontier Truck Gear bumper has a sleek diamond tread will match other frontier products including the heavy duty Front Bumper Replacements. This rear bumper comes with a high gloss long lasting "Baked On" powder coat finish. Available with back up lights and provides an excellent step for accessing your truck bed. If your looking for full body coverage this bumper has deep skirts for full body coverage and protection. If your worried about fitting your new ride into the garage, no problem. This bumper provides better "garage ability" due to snug fit to vehicle. Best of all this rear bumper is frame mounted for additional strength. After all, an aftermarket bumper should do more than your original bumper ever could.

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