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Trailer hitches are an absolute must for towing and hauling. The devices themselves are relatively simple, but they are truly unsung heroes, allowing for a secure hold as well as the maneuverability and safety required when dealing with heavy loads.

Hitches are often classified by the amount they are able to carry. Class I hitches are for relatively lightweight loads of 2000 lbs. and under, while class II is used for weights of up to 3,500 lbs. Class III and IV hitches raise these limits to 5,000 and 10,000 lbs. respectively, and are often used when hauling boats and other large items. These numbers are largely dependent on the particular vehicle involved.

One of the most common hitch types is the receiver hitch, a device which mounts directly to the vehicle's frame and faces outwards where it can receive a coupling device, most often a hitch ball and mount. Ball mounts are classified with the same I-IV designation as the corresponding hitch, and the relatively inexpensive hitch balls can be welded on or easily attached. Receiver hitches are custom made and available from a number of reputable manufacturers (Hidden Hitch, Curt Hitches, etc.) Curt receiver hitches offer a great selection of receiver hitches for you to choose from.

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