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A fifth wheel is a type of RV trailer pulled by a truck outfitted with a special hitch mounted directly to the pickup bed. For some families, this is a great way to travel. Is this a good fit for you?

A fifth wheel is easier to drive due to the nature of the gooseneck hitch. This also produces smoother, safer, and more stable turns. You can pull heavier weights with this hitch. That is important with a large fifth wheel trailer. The hitch takes up a lot of space in the truck bed, and requires removal of the tailgate on the truck.

If you already have a large truck, or SUV, you are better off with a fifth wheel than a motor home where you would be buying another engine. It is easier to hitch a fifth wheel to a tow vehicle than it is a travel trailer. The size of the fifth wheel camper requires a heavy-duty towing vehicle because the rear suspension of your truck will support the trailer's weight. Be sure to match your pickup's pulling capacity with the weight of the fifth wheel.

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