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Gooseneck hitches are a type of fifth wheel hitch in that it is also connected securely to the frame of the pickup truck that it's mounted on.The funny name of "gooseneck" is a pretty good description of the visual look of this hitch. Trailers that are made with an extended front end are what the gooseneck hitch was designed for; to accomodate the 'overhang over the bed of the truck.

The gooseneck hitch can haul quite a bit of weight - up to 30,000 pounds, which means it is a Class V hitch. Class I and II hitches, on the other hand, can only manage 3500 pounds and their bigger brothers - the Class III and IV trailer hitches - can pull 10 thousand pounds. Conventional trailer hitches that are attached to a trucks bumper or rear frame always use a hitch ball system. Many gooseneck hitches also use hitch balls, but are never attached to the bumper.

There are two main advantages to the gooseneck, and they are the ability to handle heavier tow weights and make tighter radius turns. The tighter turning capability is a great feature, and is due to the pivot point for the trailer's hookup being in the bed of the truck instead of on the bumper.

To install a gooseneck means you'll have to remove the truck's cargo bed and bolt the frame of the hitch onto your truck frame. With the bed of the truck removed, the hole in the bed is measured and drilled and/or cut so that when it's replaced on the truck frame, the hitch ball rises thru the bed. Replacing the truck's bed, the hitch ball should fit right thru the hole.

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