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When towing a trailer with a standard ball mount, all the trailer's tongue weight is transferred to the tow vehicle. Since the trailer hitch is attached to the vehicle frame, the additional weight in the rear will lower the back end of the vehicle while raising the front end. This means that the rear axle will be handling not only the trailer tongue weight but the additional load of the weight being transferred from the front axle. Not only does less weight on the front axle cause poor performance it also takes away from tracking and stability control! All features you need when towing!
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More About Weight Distributing Hitch

Weight distribution hitches add spring bars to the hitch system that apply leverage between the tow vehicle and the trailer. This leverage transfers the load sitting on the rear of the vehicle to all the axles of the vehicle and trailer. With the trailer tongue and rear cargo load distributed between the axles, the vehicle is leveled off and performance is greatly improved. Weight distributing systems should be used any time the trailer weighs more than 50 percent of the vehicle's weight.