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When you want the toughest and most versatile toolbox and bed cover combo known to man check out these tonneau covers. The American Work Tonneau Cover by Truck Covers USA is built to last! The LINE-X permanently bonds to the top-of-the-line tool box inside and out, providing a weathertight seal to protect against extreme heat, cold, moisture, abrasion and rust. Most retractable tonneau cover and toolbox combos mount their bulky canister in front of the toolbox. Not Truck Covers USA... This eats up as much as 18” of critical bed length space. Why not stack the tool box? Truck Covers USA stacks the toolbox over the smallest canister on the market, and maximize bed space for work or play.

At heart, the American Work Cover boasts the genes of its box-less brother, the American Roll Cover. That means you get the tank-like durability, handy locking points, total security and sharp looks you’d expect from Truck Covers USA, plus the rugged toolbox you need. Don’t mess around with a lesser cover. Get the job done with your own American Work Tonneau Cover today. 2-year warranty.
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