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The Towtector Chrome is solely designed for Full-Size Trucks with a wing span of 78". The Towtector arms are finished with Chrome for maximum style. Brush strips are available in different lengths to fit most trucks. Make sure you have 3" to 4" of clearance between the bottom of the brush strips and the ground. Additional Features include:

Full-Size Trucks: Available in 78" Width only.
Chrome Finish: Top of the line Towtector with a brilliant chrome plated finish on brush strip tubes.
Double Protection: Double brush strips for maximum protection from road debris.
Stronger Design: Center tube support bracket is a new stronger design.
Wall Storage: Includes wall storage bracket.

To learn more about the Towtector system and the benefits for protecting your boat or trailer check out the video below! If you need more information simply call us! We have full confidence you will love your new Towtector Pro and see the benefits immediately.

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