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B-Dawg cargo carriers are available in three different styles. These styles include original, folding and towing options. The Original hitch carrier slides directly into your receiver hitch and allows you maximum cargo storage. The Folding Option allows you to fold the basket up and down when not storing anything plus you do not have to remove the carrier when parking or garaging your vehicle. The Towing Option attaches directly into your receiver, has a large basket and then has an additional receiver hitch built on made to tow most trailers. If you tow a boat or trailer the towing hitch carrier is great!

B-Dawg cargo carriers are available in steel and aluminum. The steel carriers are heavy duty and the aluminum carriers are very lightweight. Both options are very durable and will last a very long time. Carriers are available in two different widths: 60" and 48". All carriers are 20" wide. Plus, you have the choice when it comes to depth; 3" or 5" depth's are available. The 5" depth gives you more security when it comes to cargo storage.
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