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The Rigid Dually is a 4-LED light, packing a serious punch! The 2x2 configuration can be used for anything from a reverse light on a truck, a handlebar light on a Motorcycle, to a flood light on a trailer. No big deal, these lights are amazing!

The Dually has 4 LEDs that utilize Rigid Industries' Hybrid Spot Optic, which is configured in a Spot beam pattern, and Rigid Industries' newest incarnation, the Flood Optic, used in Rigid Industries Dually LED Flood Lights. The new Flood Optic provides a very intense, smooth and full flood pattern ideal for cornering and scene lighting. The Hybrid Flood Optic has a distinct and recognizable Rigid look that stands out from the Hybrid Spot Optic, allowing customers to easily identify the individual flood and spot optics.

LED lighting is the wave of the future! Far less electrical draw and more power generated. The Rigid Industries' Dually produces 1300 lumens and uses only about 15 watts @ 1 amp - less power than it takes to operate a turn signal! The Dually has the same light output as a 50W MR16. At a small 3" by 3" this light can fit almost anywhere. You won't find a more efficient, compact light source in HID or Halogen.

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