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Full-size ladders are very difficult to fit into a 6' or 8' bed. A hauler rack ladder rack is the safest way to transport your ladders and materials. Plus you get to keep your truck bed wide open for hauling gear. Hauler Racks Ladder Racks are great for holding piping, carpet rolls, rebar and ladders. You don't have to worry about weight when using a Hauler Rack. Why? Because these Ladder Racks can easily hold up to 1000 lbs. Hauler Racks are made heavy-duty anodized aluminum for superior strength of steel without the excess weight. Plus, the aluminum will not rust and turn orange like those nasty steel racks other guys are using. How does the "Hauler" mount to your truck? The legs mount to both your rail and the bed for greater stability, and the load-secure posts adjust up to 32. 1-year warranty against rust.
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