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Warrior Products introduces a handy new bracket that allows extra clearance for mounting larger spare tires. As an added bonus, the bracket can be mounted in several different positions that shift the tire location by up to 1" up, down, or to the side relative to the factory mount. It's constructed from heavy duty steel and powder coated black for long lasting durability and good looks.

Actual spacing will vary on the different brackets from 1.5" to 2" toward the rear. While they are designed on the vehicles they are listed to fit, all of these brackets could be used on any spare tire mount with the matching bolt pattern and the ability to accept the bracket in the available space.

Attention JK Wrangler owners: The tailgate on your new JK Wranglers are quite thin, and thus have a hard time supporting extra weight without damage to the tailgate. Therefore, Warrior only rates your spare tire carrier with our spacer to hold a 33x12.50" or equivalent tire. If you want to carry a larger tire, we recommend using one of our 920D-1 series tailgate covers to add some strength to the tailgate.

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