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The Ford Raptor is one of the most sought after trucks in the nation. If you have a Ford Raptor, then your probably not into ordinary things. That's where Vortex comes in. Vortex mud flaps have a louvered design to match the vents and front end of the Raptor. Finally, we some style in a mud flap application. Not only do these Ford Raptor Mud Flaps look good, they perform! And performance is important when you buy a $50,000 to $100,000 truck. These flaps are made of durable poly-urethane to resist extreme temperatures both cold and hot. Plus the large 17.5" x 12" surface area delivers some serious coverage. Don't settle for short, stubby flaps when you can go with the best. Hundreds of Raptor owners have already chosen to take these for a spin with nothing but good reviews. Learn more by clicking on Vortex Size C below.
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Hopkins has done it again! They have created a storm with the new Ford Raptor Mud Flaps by Vortex. These mud flaps are insanely good looking. Just like every man needs a good razor for his face to keep it looking good, the same applies to your Raptor. The Vortex Mud Flaps takes the old adage: Rip off those mud flaps and make your truck look higher. Finally, a mud guard you want to put on your ride.