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Iron Cross bumpers are known for their rugged design and no-nonsense looks, right out of the box. They are extremely capable upgrades that improve not only the looks of your vehicle but also take it to the next level when it comes to performance as well, such a a push bar. From work/utility vehicle styling to performance and off-road aesthetics, Iron Cross has been built from the ground up with solid steel construction, clean lines to accent but not overpower the look of your rig, and hand-welded for maximum strength. Iron Cross bumpers are powder coated for added protection against abrasion and impacts to give you another level of corrosion protection. From simple bumpers, push bars, and even full grille guard bumpers with tie-in points and winch mountings, Iron Cross has your vehicle protected.

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More About Iron Cross Winch Front Bumper

What Do Bumpers Do?

Bumpers protect your vehicle from rocks, tree stumps, and even animal impacts, as well as collisions with other vehicles. In normal street use, the stock bumpers do a great job of this, but considering the obstacles you encounter constantly on the trail, you are going to want to upgrade quickly to an aftermarket bumper. One of the big reasons for this is the added benefit of having a winch on your vehicle. Winches are a crucial part of off-roading, and any serious four-wheeler knows it's not IF you get stuck, but when.

What Does A Winch Bumper Do?

When most people invest in a 4x4 vehicle, they might not realize that the vehicle they are buying looks great in a showroom, but probably won't perform how they are expecting once they get out onto the trails. The stock bumper on your truck/Jeep/SUV is probably not designed to withstand the punishments the trail can dish out, much less the mechanical stress needed to support a winch setup. Winch bumpers connect directly to the chassis or frame of your vehicle, allowing it to become a fixed point in which you can tow, pull, or use a winch without pulling it right off the vehicle. Winch bumpers have tow points such as hooks or rings which allow you to tie in with other vehicles, as well as reinforced stress points that let you mount an electric winch onto your vehicle without fear that it will just be ripped off by the force of the winch when you use it.

Built for foreign and domestic trucks, off-road, and utility vehicles, Iron Cross has what you are looking for in the following makes:

  • Ford
  • Chevy
  • Dodge
  • GMC
  • Toyota
  • Jeep

Iron Cross is no one-trick pony when it comes to the categories of winch bumpers. They offer a wide range of winch bumpers suited to your needs:

  • Winch front bumpers
  • Winch front bumpers with full grille-guards
  • Winch front bumpers with tube push bars
  • Heavy-duty low-profile winch bumpers
  • Jeep winch bumpers with push bars and tie-ins

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The Bumper Superstore has been around for years, providing our customers with quality aftermarket parts and accessories to take your vehicle further. Our team of associates knows what their customers want because we are off-roaders ourselves. The equipment we carry is what we would put on our own vehicles, and you can trust that we offer nothing but the best when it comes to upgrading your rig.

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