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Tough Country - Deluxe Rear Dually Bumper

The Deluxe Rear Bumper was Tough Country's first product. There are many options that make this bumper special. First, this rear bumper has a flowing 4" pipe base with a built-in flush mount receiver. This 4" piping delivers superior strength over stock bumpers and other brands. Please note you will need to remove your factory receiver to use the deluxe rear bumper. There really is no other bumper on the market that can match the style and quality of the Tough Country Deluxe Rear Bumper. When you put this bumper on your truck there is no mistaking it for anything else.

The Deluxe is one step up on Tough Country Traditional style products. It's sleek finish is attributed to the special attention given to the grinding and polishing of each bumper during the strenuous manufacturing process. Each rear bumper is finished with a high gloss finish. The base model deluxe rear bumper has an 8" drop and comes complete with license plate lights, universal mount for the factory wiring harness, and a tough flush mounted receiver for a clean, polished look.

When purchasing this bumper please note not all accessory shanks will work with the Deluxe Rear Bumper. This bumper requires at least 5ΒΌ" of unobstructed shank from pin hole to ball mount platform or any gussets. This is to allow it to pass through the 4" pipe and be pinned on the back side of the bumper.

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