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Things To Consider When Looking For An Off-Road Bumper – Bumper Superstore

Things to Consider When Looking for an Off-Road Bumper

Bumpers are one of the most overlooked components to our vehicle's safety and protection systems.  They are the first line of defense when it comes to collisions and impacts.  When we aren't bumping into rocks and stumps, a good bumper is vital when attaching winches, pulling and getting pulled out of mudholes, and even pushing objects out of the way with a gentle nudge.  Most of the time a stock bumper isn't going to get the job done.  Many vehicles come with a stock bumper that is made of plastic or fiberglass, that is designed to crumble with an impact.  This is not the way to go when you are a serious off-roader.   There are many things to consider when choosing a bumper.

*Pictured: Hammerhead Low Profile LED Front Bumper with Pre-Runner - Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-2018 - Part Number: 600-56-0394


Your bumper is going to be taking a lot of punishment.  Not just from stumps and rocks, but also from gravel that is kicked up on the trail.  These pits and dings allow moisture to attack the steel underneath, and without a proper coating, you are looking at early retirement, if not a total failure for your bumper.

  • Paint: A metallic spray paint that covers cheaply and easily.  It comes in every color you can imagine.
  • Chrome: A non-corrosive metallic plating that looks shiny and amazing.  It bonds to the steel but will flake off over time because it doesn't flex well.
  • Powder coat: An expensive coating that bonds chemically to the steel, increasing hardness, durability, and remains flexible.


A lot can be said about the materials of your bumper.  Some offer strength, while others are more lightweight.

  • Steel: Extremely strong, versatile, yet heavy.  Steel is a reliable strength point for pulling and winches, but it can throw off your vehicle's balance due to increased weight.
  • Aluminum: Effective at reducing the impact of collisions and extremely lightweight; however,aluminum is more brittle than steel and is not advisable as a mounting point for winches, D-Rings, or other points used for pulling/rescue.


  • Weight and Size: Whether it is a bull-bar, full coverage grille guard with steel mesh, or a heavy-duty mounting bumper for winching, the weight and size of your bumper will affect how your vehicle handles.  Added weight might increase squirrelyness, ride, and wear on your tires.  Too light, and you have limited protection against impacts.
  • Styling: Sometimes we choose bumpers based on styling over function, and vice versa.  From the coating to the shape of the bumper, a lot can be expressed about your vehicle based on styling.  It can make your vehicle look aggressive or be strong and subtle. It's a great way to make a statement.

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