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Rough Country Highlight for Lift Kits - Bumper Superstore

Just rolled off the lot with a new Ford F150? Congratulations. The F150 is a tried-and-true mud and dirt-conquering rig that can stand up to just about anything, but it gets better when you start adding on some aftermarket goodies like the ones we’ve highlighted for you below. 

Rough Country Lift Kits

While the F150 is a great truck, we encourage most owners to NOT stick with what has been added on from the factory because the lift kits we have on hand here at the Superstore will assure that you are ready to sport some aftermarket goodness when it comes to dirt-clod conquering grit and function. Here are some of our favorite Lift kits for the F150 that allow you some clearance from ruts and the trail’s one-up wear and tear. 

The 1981 – 1996 Ford F150 4X4 – 4” Lift Kit by Tuff Country – 24810K is one of our premium kits, offering an additional tire clearance for 33-inches on the F150 while also using front coil springs and rear add-a-leafs to your prized rig. Kits like make any true wheeler to take a step back and realize “I need this”… just like you’d need one of these tough mudders built during the “Fall Guy’s” time reign of truth!

Rough Country Lift Kits

The 1981-1996 Ford F150 4x4 2.5” Performance Lift Kit By Tuff Country 22814K gives you everything you need in a lift kit for you to grab up the springy and optimal-level performance you are looking to secure in a proper replacement for your factory F150 blocks. This amazingly-engineered performance version provides extended radius arms along with new radius arm brackets that work double time to keep the front end in acceptable alignment. You’ll enjoy our limited lifetime warranty as is on all lift kits and be avoiding bumps and boulders that could find their way in like a boss!


This 2015-2020 Ford F150 4x4 & 2WD – 3”UNI-ball Lift Kit By Tuff Country-23035 is the blazing and uni-ball lift assistance that recruits the upper control arms in order to provide a class-leading suspension travel, long-lasting durability, and a full-on assault where ball joint binding can occur. You can rest assured while sampling a cold one inside the man cave that you won’t have to get out the drill, but still enjoy the call of the wild with a 2” proper and primo lifted rear end’s clearance! We have tons of love for the F150, and these are the lift kits you can find right here to assure you aren’t scraping your vitals during the journey.


Buy Rough Country Lift Kits Today

Here at the Bumper Superstore we have always been on the hunt for the best aftermarket products to add flavor to your rig. If it involves canyons, ruts, ravines, or steep inclines, we have your back, and have put in the work to assure everything we offer is sand, dirt, and aggro-incline prepped to the fullest.

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