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We like to think of the 8 point Maltese Cross that Iron Cross uses as their logo to be the international symbol of willingness to offer up a monumental sacrifice in order to protect those close to you. Iron Cross’ aftermarket goodies will do just that, but for your rig! With a longstanding loyalty and desire to provide jobs right here in America, they make stellar products like these 3 we’ve chosen to highlight here. All are tried and true Bumper Superstore favorites. We guarantee that these high-grade bumpers will serve you right time after time.

Iron Cross Premium Bumpers

This Iron Cross 20-415-18 Base Winch Front Bumper for Ford F150 2018-2020 Gloss Black provides the tried-and-true Iron Cross custom look in addition to the ability to add on a set of 4” LED Fog Lamp or pair of shackles. There’s no way you’d ever enjoy being stranded during a sweet off-road journey, and having the means and the mojo to quickly bolt on a 12,000 lb winch will “provide the power to set you free”!

The Iron Cross 24-625-19 Winch Front Bumper With Grille Guard For Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2019-2022 New Body Style – Gloss Black is a perfectly made, powder-coated piece of aftermarket goodness straight from the heartland. A full grille guard for a luxurious and high-performing rig like the newer-model Ram assures that absolutely nothing in your way can slow you down, but there’s so much more to this piece than that. These goodies are also uniquely created by machine workers that have a very high level of passion for their current projects, and they always see to it that every bumper “acts as world-class artillery”.

Iron Cross Premium Bumpers

The Iron Cross 22-715-14 Winch Front Bumper With Push Bar For Toyota Tundra 2014 – 2021 Gloss Black is a winch and VooDoo Recovery Rope ready plan of attack for one of America’s best-loved and most capable trucks! With its reputation for amazing reliability, new styling, and the boast of every nut and bolt now being new, it’s a full-size beast that has recently put in more than its fair share of work to face off squarely against the competition. This HD bumper features a welded mandrel bent 2” diameter push bar mounted to the top, aiding in full-body protection during the ruts and runs up fire roads when you need it most.


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Iron Cross is a brand that we have no choice but to bow down to and give our respect. Time and time again, they’ve proven themselves to care about what customers think and care about keeping their manufacturing right here in the USA, which is why they are firmly and permanently situated on our “always ready for action” A-list!


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