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Heavy Duty Bumpers And Accessories | Bumper Superstore

The whole team here at the Bumper Superstore all agree that “Heavy Duty” has a much greater meaning and a far better, more upstanding reputation than “light duty.” And when it comes to heavy-duty products, only All-American made, and fantastically powder-coated products will do.  Heavy-duty bumpers like the ones below could be for the rancher who is constantly dealing with brush and other larger hazards in their way, or for anyone who just wants to “trick their truck out to sheer oblivion,” but one thing is for certain - these heavy-duty bumpers mean business at all times. We guarantee that they’ll stand solidly in place to protect many different elements of your rig against everything you may encounter during your adventures!

Heavy Duty Premium Bumpers

Here are a few of the aftermarket goodies we have on hand that are perfect for this type of road warrior: ready, always on the rough side, and never shy away from dealing with the elements.

The Warn 93472 Heavy Duty Bumper Without Grille Guard is a super-rugged part that features a one-piece welded design that has been ideally contoured to the shape of your truck’s body. This bad boy is an all-out warrior as far as stance goes, and making things even better is the fact that it’s been designed for use with larger-capacity Warn winches. Built tough and always to last, this design for the Chevy Silverado 2500 and 3500HD is a great addition to the nation’s favorite trucks that boasts the most impressive towing and payload capacity nationwide.

This Iron Cross 21-915-16 Heavy Duty Rear Bumper for Nissan Titan 2016-2018 Gloss Black bears the “full-on burden and prowess of the cross” with its typically heavy-duty design and no-nonsense longevity. Nissan knew just what truck and SUV drivers wanted when they designed the Titan, evidenced by its Stout V8 and smart transmission, hushed cabin, and high-quality interior, and this bumper makes the vehicle even better. Whether you are on an extended camping trip or simply enjoying a spontaneous run off-road, this superior add-on from our hard-working patriots in Tulsa is always going to provide grade A strength and stature.

Heavy Duty Premium Bumpers

The Iron Cross 21-915-16-MB Heavy Duty Rear Bumper for Nissan Titan 2016-2018 – Matte Black bears the traditional tough grit and long-haul abilities that this entire product line boasts, With CNC laser cut and D-Ring Mounts included. Thanks to this beauty, we’ve concluded that the Midwest is where many of our best and most prized aftermarket parts originate from, and the Iron Cross team never, ever comes up short.

Get these and many other awesome aftermarket additions right here at the Bumper Superstore. We sift through the B-list manufacturers out there, so you only see the best bumpers and most dependable products delivered to your doorstep!