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We recently had a conversation with one of the most seasoned off-roaders we know after his trip to Vermont’s now-thawed and very challenging wilderness trails where he told us how much he loves the off-road lights from Scorpion. The very last hour of daylight provides a bit of difficulty as far as spotting rocks and dips in the road, and it was during the exciting desert races of the late 70’s that drivers realized they did not want to undergo an accident with no one to help them in sight for miles.

Scorpion LED Lights

Here’s a tremendous trio of our hard-hitting favorites from right here at the Superstore, destined to make sure you see exactly what’s happening in front of you and brave the terrain you are craving to conquer soon.

The Scorpion Extreme Products P000020 Night Ops 20” LED Single Row Light Bar – Spot/Drive Combo is a universally mountable piece of killer craftsmanship that provides an ingenious combination of leverage to get you through your “darkest hour”! This combination of engineering was constructed with a spot/driving beam optic combo and was designed to withstand the constant changes in the environment that any exciting off-road journey offers up.

The Scorpion Extreme Products P000021 Night Ops 40” Led Single Row Light Bar – Spot/Drive Combo is a slim-and-sleek universal mount model that will be worth its weight in gold if anything breaks and you have to fix a rig! These lights also have a state-of-the-art Temperature Control System that allows the light to function at the highest possible temperature and power level. With high-grade stainless-steel housing and a ruthlessly weather-resistant composure, this spot/drive combo will defy the roughest elements of the obligatory “dusk till dawn” run!

Scorpion LED Lights

The Scorpion Extreme Products P00002 Night Ops 30” LED Double Row Light Bar – Spot/Drive Combo is one of our best-selling items for good reason - it displays every single quality that we fell in love with from the Scorpion product line right off the bat. The impact tolerance lens is a bit more than is needed to ward off a few stray mosquitos or lightning bugs, and we also think it would make the ideal Father’s Day gift for the dad that loves off-roading!

Here at the Bumper Superstore, we have a penchant for the best products on the market, built right here in America and guaranteed to withstand any treacherous canyon-crawling elements you throw at it.


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