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Just as the sting of such an intense and furious desert critter will certainly leave an impression on anyone, the durability and high quality of Scorpion Truck Bumpers will leave an impression on you. Desolate and challenging locations like Goose Lake, NM would be an ideal first testing grounds for these bad boys, but beware: we’ve been told by our official recon that it’s a 7-hour, 13-mile off-roader’s heyday! Here are our picks for some of the best bumpers built by this awesome brand. Prepare to slap ‘em on and get down and dirty with them.

Scorpion Truck Bumpers

The Scorpion SCO-FBCHHD15 HD Front Bumper With LED Cube Lights Chevy Silverado 2500HD/3500 2015-2019 has that traditional high-grade Scorpion quality for the front end of the bow-tie brand’s signature hauler. It’s winch-ready and comes standard with D-ring mounts, so there is nothing on the tried-and-true dirt devil’s wish list you won’t find here. Each one of these pieces is MIG welded and powder-coated to ensure that they’ll never endure corrosion.

The Scorpion SCO-FBRAM13 HD Front Bumper With LED Cube Lights Dodge RAM 2500/3500 2010-2018 is the scorpion crew’s HD front piece for what consider to be the truck with America’s most luxurious interior! You can choose to throw on a winch with this front bumper, ensuring that you’ll always get out of a swampy or muddy pinch, and the tow hooks offer up a perfectly sinister essence you can’t miss. With this aftermarket goodie, your rig will be ready to rumble through shake, sand, water, and boulders!

Tough Scorpion Truck Bumpers

The Scorpion SCO-FBSD17 HD Front Bumper With LED Cube Lights Ford F250/F350/F450 2017-2022 is a mean-and-clean example of the hardcore craftsmanship that sold us on Scorpion products in the first place. Taut, sturdy as a gun barrel canyon’s campsite, and sleekly contoured to the front end of the truck, it’s a blue-ribbon showpiece that you and your truck will be sure to love. Products like these are really the ONLY ones you want to fool with in the aftermarket realm, substantially blowing what your truck arrives fresh off the line out of the water.