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Scorpion Tactical Center Mount Winch Blog | Bumper Superstore

America’s most awesome trucks deserve great aftermarket gifts, not just for their outward appearance and aesthetics, but to make them into trustier and heftier machines! No matter what your favorite truck model is, you will want to equip it with a very strong and sturdy bumper to forge the best way ahead, protect you from brush and overland trappings, and signify your rig as your own. Here are three of our favorite bumpers from Scorpion, one of the best brands out there built 100% USA tough and always on duty to handle the incredibly rough stuff situated in front of ya!

Scorpion Tactical Center Mount Winch

The Scorpion P000032 Tactical Center Mount Front Bumper With LED Light Bar Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2013-2018 boasts a 20” Single Row LED light for the times when A-grade illumination is your best friend, and it features an appearance that’s not nearly as bulky as most other average bumpers on the market. These premium examples of perfection are finished with a supreme-quality black powder coat and are a snap to install. They work with almost every winch on the market, providing you the power to get out of a mud-or-sand-rich pinch with no problem at all!

The Scorpion P000014 Tactical Center Mount Winch Front Bumper With LED Light Bar Dodge Ram 1500 2019-2022 sees your winch residing directly inside your factory bumper, making this one of those pieces that seemed pre-destined to fit your rig and add the perfect sense of strut with style. We can guarantee that once you get this properly fit-and-finished part on your truck, you’ll never worry about anything in your way. Instead, you’ll be grinning ear to ear down any quick-fire road run or gulch descent as you feel fully protected from the oncoming elements!

Scorpion Tactical Center Mount Winch: Perfect For Your Ride

The Scorpion P000013 Tactical Center Mount Winch Front Bumper With Light Bar Chevy Silverado 1500 2019-2022 has the Scorpion brand’s trademark look on the signature Bow-tie brand’s heavy-hauling and rough and tumble machine. The winch mount can accommodate most standard-size winches up to 12,000 lbs. and includes a 20” Scorpion LED light bar to ensure you are able to clearly see every rock, rut, and runoff coming at ya. This awesome front piece will also fit the diesel model and provide peace of mind for any newer Silverado owner looking to conquer the tough stuff or accommodate a world-class contractor’s rig.



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