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If there are any traits that a sturdy and long-lasting aftermarket bumper that we would have high praise for here at the Bumper Superstore just needs to have, it would be the craftsmanship enjoyed during every drive sporting bumpers from the highest-grade materials out there. Road Armor has long taken matters into their very capable hands by using the very highest-quality A36 descaled premium steel, allowing for many years of hardcore resistance against negative corrosion that can appear on your prized finish. Many of our other longstanding favorites are constructed in the Lone Star State, and the Road Armor brand boasts the stellar quality of being 100% Made in the USA and terrifically Texas strong.

Here are three of our favorites from this brand that are out there every day making a difference and making sure that every single minute of free time spent with your truck is not only safe and protected, but showcasing the ultimate aftermarket style that fits your mud and heavy-load lovin’ personality!

Road Armor Bumpers

The Road Armor 3152DF-AO-P2-MR-BH Identity Non-Shackle Front Bumper kit With Beauty Ring Mech and 2 Cube Light Pods for Chevy Silverado 2500HD/3500 2015-2019 is as American as it gets!! An expertly-engineered switchback LED accent lighting which ties directly into your truck’s wiring harness comes included, and this bumper for Chevy’s primo star in the game has a perfectly-squared off look that emulates a trusty battering ram!

The Road Armor 6112DR-AO-P2-MD-BH Identity Non-Shackle Rear Bumper With ID Mesh for Ford F250/F350/F450 2011-2016 is a piece that we absolutely love.  It’s an essential component when it comes to being the heavy hauler the F150 was always meant to be, and it includes a factory hitch and tow point ready to lug the most impressive and swayed loads behind you. This bumper provides a very sturdy and diligent assurance that no destruction will come upon you as you traverse on your way with Ford’s best and most bountiful, making it a true example of Armor’s best and most thought-through work.

Road Armor Bumpers

The Road Armor 6172DR-AO-P2-MR-BH Identity Non-Shackle Rear Bumper With Beauty Ring Mesh For Ford F250/F350/F450 2017-2018 has a look that “blends in” ideally with the rear of one of America’s most-loved trucks. With this ingenious design, you can pick your end pod section plus or minus shackle mounts, accent trim and tread plate inserts. While so many wheelers love to put a massive focus on just what they slap on the front for aftermarket goodness, this choice for the rear allows for a large scope of light options and looks simply rad as you pull away triumphantly from the job or campsite ready to roll!

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