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Different Types Of Off-Road Bumpers – Off-Road Bumpers – Bumper Superstore

Different Types of Off-Road Bumpers


When it comes to personalizing your off-road vehicle, there aren't many better ways to go that selecting a bumper that not only makes your vehicle look cool but also enhances the performance of your rig.  Whether you are driving a no-frills farm truck or a rock-crawling Jeep, there is a bumper out there that will work for you.  We offer a wide assortment, from tube bar pre-runners to heavy use grille guards.  

Types of Off-Road Bumpers

  • Base Bumpers: These bumpers offer strength as well as reinforcement, especially for heavy-duty use such as plowing.  They don't do much for the look of your vehicle, but because they attach to your truck's frame, you can rely on the support they offer.
  • Grille Guard Bumpers: These bumpers offer comprehensive protection for the entire front of your vehicle.  Usually incorporating steel mesh to cover the grille as well as tubing and reinforced winch mounts, they mean business.  Though they can give your vehicle a more aggressive look, they are heavy and might be overkill considering how you use your vehicle.
  • Pre-runner Bumpers: These bumpers are also known as bull bars, and project a row of metal tubing just ahead of the rest of your vehicle.  They are good when resisting regular impacts and make your vehicle look really cool as well as protecting your grill from damage.
  • Tube Bumpers: These are no-frills bumpers crafted from just a few pieces of metal tubing.  They don't do much to improve on the aesthetics of your rig, but they do offer protection and support.  Usually seen on Jeeps or 4-Runners, they are a simple, no-frills style that looks great.

Why Choose Bumper Superstore? 

Bumper Superstore has been around for years, bringing you quality aftermarket accessories for your off-road vehicles.  We work with Daystar to deliver the goods when it comes to a vast selection of products that fit your budget as well as delivering unparalleled performance.  Learn more about Bumper Superstore and the products we have to offer before your next trip.

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