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Grille Guard Blog From Bumper Superstore

Grille guards are also known as brush guards or bumper bars, but whatever you call them, you can’t deny how useful they are. These pieces are firmly rooted in place to push aside debris and be there to protect you from the frequent impacts of off-roading and rough terrain. All of us here at the Bumper Superstore have been driving rigs of every size and stature for years now, and we’ve come to realize that Grille Guards are even useful on the paved side of things as well! If you do suffer an impact with an animal or stationary boulder, the grille guard can save both your hood and windshield from massive damage. Fab Fours has remained a Bumper Superstore favorite for quite some time because of their style and durability, and we can’t neglect their attention to detail as well. In fact, it’s even earned them accolades like the Inc. 500 sustained growth award.

Hybrid Grille Guards

Here are three of the heaviest hitters from the Fab Four crew that increase your rig’s sweet appearance and offer a sense of bulletproof and commandeering clout!

The Fab Fours CH15-X2750-1 Matrix Front Bumper With Grille Guard For Chevy Silverado 2500/HD/3500 2015-2019 is an awesomely-designed piece that features premium and wicked-looking designs! It is a fine-tuned and ferocious combination of the Premium Winch Bumper and the Vengeance Series that gives you a slim and stealthy form of front security guard. Multiple openings on this Matrix will allow for as many light options as you need to properly illuminate the wild!

The Fab Fours CH20-X4950-1 Matrix Front Bumper With Full Grill Guard For Chevy Silverado 2500/HD 3500 2020-2022 is one of those aftermarket bumpers that provides such a clean visual finish you can’t help but take a few steps back and admire it on your truck after mounting it on. This 2 stage Black Powder Coat provides the ultimate finish for your Silverado’s overall glisten, and it’s made from 3/16” Plate Steel that stand up to all of the boulders, ruts, and ravines a challenging trail offers up.

Awesome Grille Guards

The Fab Fours DR10-X2950-1 Matrix Front Bumper With Full Guard and Sensor Holes for Dodge Ram 2500/3500/4500/5500 2010-2018 arrives “at your garage after screaming out of the gate” to perfectly situate itself on the front of your prized Ram. If you want to document the thrills of muddin’ and hauling, rest assured that this bumper accommodates the factory front camera. Additionally, it even allows for plenty of tire clearance to boot. We’ve always had a massive love for the Ram because it’s the perfect option for those needing to haul and tow the seriously heavy stuff, and this is a spectacular-looking front piece to brandish just in time for the coming of Fall.

It is always a pleasure for us to provide top-notch customer service and send the best and most personalized aftermarket bumpers in the nation directly to your home. Keep checking back with us right here on the blog for updates and reviews of the additives we deem good enough for the off-road lover’s spotlight!

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