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Everyone here at the Bumper Superstore has a soft spot for Southern California. The area has the ideal weather for a day of exciting thrills on the trail, and locations like Cleghorn Ridge and Baldy Mesa have been the stuff of true off-roaders and wheelers’ dreams for decades! This is where the aftermarket geniuses known as Steelcraft have chosen for their home base. Steelcraft is the talented and forward-thinking creators of some of the absolute coolest Elevation Bullnose Bumpers, Front/Rear Replacements, Grille Bars, Sidebars, and other accessories.

Steelcraft Bumper

With one of the most rock-solid warranties in the business and a makeup that commands the heaviest duty of quality, here are 3 of our personal favorites from the Sensational crew at Steelcraft.

The Steelcraft 60-10410 Elevation Front Bumper Chevy Silverado 2500 HD/3500 2011-2014 is an add-on that is the perfectly menacing form of security. Any offending bit of rock, foliage, or debris will have no choice but to immediately duck and run for cover! This aftermarket work of wonder is welded solidly into just one polished piece and wraps around your headlights for the utmost in durably-crafted shielding and functionality. Some bumpers are meant to blend into the frame as if they're not even there visually, but we love how this one boasts a stance like a masterful and menacing goalie.

This Steelcraft 60-10420 Elevation Front Bumper Chevy Silverado 1500 2014-2015 is ready and waiting for ruts, mudding duty, hard ranching, stormy weather, and any other element that could be thrown at it. This full-width black front HD bumper comes fully-coated and fiercely capable, sporting a stance that “sees your rig protected in the cage” much like the square-off of an ultimate fighting duel! Similar to the detailed duties of heightened security or the secret service themselves, this stellar piece of work bolts directly on and sees that “nothing goes in or out”, period.

Steelcraft Cool Bumper

The Steelcraft 60T-10440 Elevation Front Bumper Chevy Silverado 2500 HD/3500 2015-2019 is made for the proficient and poised-for-duty Silverado owner and features patented Steelcraft E-coat and unlimited appearance and protection potential! Ranked by J.D. Power as the “Best Heavy Duty Pickup of 2022”, the Silverado has hauled, towed, and heftily proven its segment-leading value to many off-roaders who wouldn’t trust any other truck if their life (or spare trail map of Death Valley in the glovebox!) depended on it. All of Steelcraft’s HD bumpers are now compatible with Front Emblem Cameras and pack a one-piece punch that will see you through any tow, spur of the moment trail run, and other events deemed a “trial or tribulation”!

The summer is not yet quite over yet, and there are still so many things we know you want to accomplish with your truck, so don’t forget to pencil some time in for the fun stuff! We know you promised you’d help someone move their couch, but we’re thinking more along the lines of fishing poles, power tools, or mountain bikes in the back. Right here at the Bumper Superstore, we always provide the best value on aftermarket goods that will equip you for the gnarliest and most admirable rig ever, with top-notch customer service as an everyday occurrence.



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