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True Off-Road Capability with Chassis Unlimited Bumpers 

Unlock Your Vehicle's True Off-Road Capability with Chassis Unlimited Bumpers 


Are you an off-road person? Do you thrive on the adrenaline rush? Do you want to conquer the trails with confidence? Then it is time to go for the Chassis Unlimited Bumpers and upgrade your off-road beast with its unbeatable protection. A wide variety of bumpers from Chassis Unlimited is available with us at Bumper Superstore. Choose the finest bumpers compatible with your vehicle. In addition to bumpers, we even offer a wide range of off-road accessories to support your overland ride and create memorable adventures.  


Chassis Unlimited is a reliable brand entrusted by millions of off-road enthusiasts offering stylish black texture powder coat, after-market bumpers and other essentials for a safe and adventurous cross-country ride. They employ state-of-the-art engineering software and produce high-quality bumpers to safeguard your trucks from minor collisions over a rock or a tree branch while you are busy off-roading. The bumpers arrive ready to install with a slight trimming of the factory front bumper. Besides protection, the Chassis Unlimited Bumpers elevate the rugged look of your truck or SUV with its winch and light mounts. You can shop for them at our website,, and go off-road with confidence.  


Why does your truck need after-market bumpers?  


When you buy a truck or SUV to achieve your off-road goals, you would have noticed the fixed bar-like component at the front and rear of the vehicle, the factory bumper. It acts as a shield and protects your truck’s auto parts during minor accidents.  


But do you really think these stock bumpers can withstand the high impacts of off-road rocks and trees? If so, forget it. They are suitable only for your daily on-road commutes. For your off-road escapades, you need after-market bumpers strong enough to absorb the shocks of minute collisions over the woods and conquer the trials. The bumpers increase the approach and departure angle and the ground clearance of your truck, thus avoiding friction and helping you ride like a pro.  


I wonder how installing an after-market bumper can improve your vehicle’s off-road performance?  Besides protecting the front and rear auto parts from being damaged by off-road obstacles, the bumpers also secure your adventure with additional features like winch mounts, recovery points, thick skid plates, and light mounts. As an off-road enthusiast, you know well about the crucial role of the winch mounts and recovery points in providing a safe off-road ride.  


Above all, these bumpers also serve as an aesthetic element for your off-road beasts. They bring a bold and aggressive look to your truck. You also have the option of customizing the bumpers when you buy them from customer-friendly brands like Chassis Unlimited. You can change the style and finish of the bumper to match your vehicle and give your ride that extra attitude that makes it stand out on the trail.  


Are you ready to replace your factory bumper? Check out the fitment details of the various Chassis Unlimited Bumper series and buy the one compatible with your truck’s make and model today.  


Why Bumper Superstore for Chassis Unlimited Bumpers? 


Toyota, Dodge Ram, Ford, GMC, Chevy, or whatever make is your vehicle, never mind, at Bumper Superstore, we got you covered with the perfect Chassis Unlimited Bumpers for your safe off-road escapade. We offer premium quality bumper accessories for a fun-filled trail riding and rock crawling experience. Besides quality purchase and seamless shipment, our customer service executives will guide you through the installation process and set you to experience your vehicle’s true off-road capability with Chassis Unlimited Bumpers.  


Let's explore the features of a few Chassis Unlimited bumpers at our store to give you more details about the products.  



The Octane Series CUB940461 is a front bumper for Chevy Colorado trucks from 2017 to 2022. They come with a winch mount of 12,000 LB, CNC machined heavy-duty 1" thick Recovery points, and light mounts that can hold up to 4 LED cube lights. The bumpers are manufactured directly in the USA with 3/16” USA steel strong enough to sustain the high impacts of rough off-road obstacles and protect your Chevy Colorado for a lifetime, as they are highly durable.  


In an aesthetic sense, this bumper has set a new style in the industry with a low-profile, aggressive look. This bumper arrives ready to install with a simple bolt-on installation and requires no welding or grinding. You could easily install it in a few hours.  



If you own a Chevy Silverado from 2019-2022, you can get the Chassis Unlimited Octane CUB900172 front heavy-duty bumper. With parking sensors notifying you of the obstacles, this octane series bumper is an excellent choice for the trails. It also features light mounting brackets for a dual-row LED light bar or mounts for eight individual LED lights and 1" thick recovery points with a 1" bore.  


The modular design with a three-piece bumper complements the bold, muscular look of your Chevy Silverado. The three-stage black texture powder coat makes the bumper a stylish choice to envy others. As with all Octane series bumpers, this bumper has simple bolt-on installation and requires no welding or grinding.  




For Ford F-250/F-350 trucks from the years between 2017 and 2022, Chassis Unlimited offers this CUB900141 front bumper from the industry-leading Octane series. This heavy-duty steel-made bumper can handle the high impacts of collisions and grills out the front auto parts of your truck. With a strong D-rings mount, the bumper comes in handy while towing or hauling in an off-road application.   


Aggressive low-profile design and texture black powder coat enhances the look of your truck and makes you a proud owner. The bumper is easy to install with simple hand tools and is ready in a few hours for a rough ride over the terrain.  


Order Now at Bumper Superstore! 


Whether you're into rock crawling, trail riding, or just need some added protection for your daily drive, go for Chassis Unlimited Bumpers. These bumpers, which are made from high-quality materials with additional life-saving features like recovery points and winch mounts, give much-needed protection for your trucks by sustaining the roughest off-road conditions.  


Wait no further and look no further. Order now at our Bumper Superstore and use the affirm payments offer to avail of the buy now and pay later. With reliable and fast shipping service, we deliver to you “Built with Order” products that are brand new. You can also customize your order by including the light bars or the LED lights for mounting on your bumper, with additional charges. With an easy and quick installation process, you are ready to hit the trails in no time.  


Visit, check out a Chassis Unlimited Bumper, upgrade the protection, and enhance the rugged look of your vehicle.  



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