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Why Is Steel Used For Off-Road Bumpers – Steel & Off-Road Bumpers – Bumper Superstore

Why is Steel Used for Off-Road Bumpers?

Many types of bumpers serve all sorts of different purposes.  From simple pre-runner bumpers to tube bumpers and even the full-coverage grille guard, bumpers are built to protect your vehicle from impacts as well as enhance the structure and versatility of your vehicle.  Bumpers are useful as winch mounts, light bars, and even to protect heavy-duty work trucks from cranky cattle or your trail rig from animal impacts and stumps.  One of the most common materials bumpers are made of is steel.

Carbon steel and stainless steel

Steel is created when iron is combined with carbon such as graphite and sometimes other metals to create steel alloys. Steel is more flexible and harder than iron alone, as well as being light weight in comparison.  When other metals such as chrome, vanadium, and tungsten are added to steel, it increases toughness as well as hardness and even corrosion resistance.  Stainless steel is any steel which resists oxidation, especially from moisture, which causes rusting.  Stainless steel is valued in knife-making, cook pots, and even surgical instruments.  

High carbon is a no-frills steel, which is extremely strong, but is susceptible to the elements.  Over time, it will rust and must be either coated with a corrosion resistant plating such as chrome or powder coat or painted to keep moisture and the elements at bay.  Stainless; however, resists corrosion due to its metallurgical composition; however, it is much more expensive than regular high-carbon steel, often making its use cost-prohibitive.

Why steel?

  • Durable: Steel is incredibly durable due to its crystalline metallic structure matrix.  Different types of steel can offer different levels of hardness and toughness, depending on the alloy mix, tempering, and heat treatment.
  • Versatile: Steel can be forged and shaped into just about any design, while still providing adequate strength, protection, and longevity to the vehicle.
  • Style Cons: Steel might look a little old-fashioned compared to many of the aluminum bumpers that are on the market.  A lot of off-roaders might think "this is not my dad's 4x4" but in the end, it's really all just a matter of personal choice.  Stainless steel might also look too flashy for a lot of off-roaders due to its chromium content.
  • Weight:  Steel is a heavy material, which can throw off the balance of some vehicles and even affect how they ride on the highway.  Keep this in mind when you are considering a material that might impact your performance due to added weight.

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