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What is the best Rear Jeep Bumper with Tire Carrier?

What Is The Best Rear Jeep Bumper with A Tire Carrier?

If you’re considering buying a rear Jeep bumper with a tire carrier, you may be wrestling with questions about which product will offer the best value for its performance. To help you make the decision, we’ve broken down a comparison between some of the best rear Jeep bumpers on the market so you can assess the facts for yourself.

Why Buy A Rear Jeep Bumper with A Tire Carrier?

Not only is a Jeep tire carrier a hallmark of the car’s aesthetic, but it’s also a highly functional piece of equipment.

Many Jeep drivers want the freedom to take their powerful vehicles on the off-road terrain that they’re capable of tackling without fear that popping a tire will leave them stranded; adding a rear bumper with a tire carrier gives you the freedom to adventure where you please with the assurance that you will be able to make it home safely.

Best Rear Jeep Bumpers with A Tire Carrier

There are a number of rear Jeep bumpers with tire carriers on the market; we’ll discuss some of the most top-tier offerings here to help you make your selection.

There is a reason that ADD Stealth Fighter bumpers are consistently ranked among the top products in the world of off-roading. Made with high-quality products and components, ADD Stealth bumpers are intuitively designed with the Jeep Wrangler JL in mind. These rear tire carrier bumpers are incredibly easy to install and use and the durability is something to write home to mom about when you’re out on the trail.

Made with 1/8" & 3/16" steel giving it the strength to hold up to a 40" tire and a spherical bearing for smooth operation, the ADD Stealth rear tire carrier bumper is a durable addition to you Jeep.

Available for under $1400, this rear tire carrier bumper is the perfect ADD-ition to you Jeep Wrangler JL.

DV8 rear Jeep bumpers are another product that receives consistently high marks from reviewers and bring quality craftmanship at a value price. Widely known as the bumper that started it all, the DV8 RS-1 Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier comes in at about $725 dollars and features a hinged tire carrier with an integrated tow hitch, and 2 D-ring mounts for the most rugged of users. With 3/16 high tensile strength steel and Two stage textured powder coat finish for extra durability the DV8 RS-1 is a staple among Jeep enthusiasts and a leader in industry innovation and design.

Pick up a DV8 RS-1 Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier for your Jeep Wrangler today and discover why it made our list of Best Rear Tire Carrying Bumpers for Jeeps yourself!

The DV8 Offroad RBSTTB-02 builds of its predecessor, the DV8 RS-1, and takes the idea of a complete offroad bumper to new heights with components designed to take whatever you throw at them. The DV8 Offroad RBSTTB-02 is made from 6/16 high tensile strength steel and comes complete with a bearing supported tire carrier and a heimed connection to the tailgate of your Jeep.

Throw in 2 D-ring mounts and the rings too boot, a tow hitch mount, carrier tire accommodations up to 40”, and two stage textured powder coat finish for extra durability, this rear bumper with integrated tire carrier is one of the best rear Jeep bumpers on the market.

Priced at under $1100 dollars, you can’t beat the value and quality the DV8 Offroad RBSTTB-02 brings to your Jeep JK.


Another cost-effective, yet durable bumper for Jeep Wranglers, this option has a price tag just over $1100 (769.50 for the bumper, 371.79 for the carrier), so if you’re looking for a two-part, quality solution at an affordable price, the Hammerhead is a great choice. Made from two main components, you can pick up the bumper and add the tire carrier when it fits your budget.


Some people shy away from two-piece bumper systems, but the combination of the Hammerhead 600-56-0207 rear bumper and the 600-56-0235 spare tire carrier provides a durable, lightweight option for your Jeep.

Made from ¼” steel plate and complete with reverse lights, tag lights, and shackle mounts, the Hammerhead rear bumper system is engineered to provide the ultimate in style and protection and designed to make your vehicles appearance more aggressive on the trail, in the city, or at the lake.

The Hammerhead rear bumper system for Jeep Wranglers is a great option for Jeep owners using up to 38” tires who are looking to turn heads while cruising and have a solid rear bumper built to last.

Pick one up today and give your Jeep the ultimate attitude adjustment available.

The last bumper on our list was created with adventure in mind and when looking at the construction and design of the bumper, does not disappoint. The Expedition One JKRB100 STC Trail Series Rear Bumper has quickly become a cult favorite among Jeep owners and outdoor lovers alike.


The Expedition One Trail Series Rear Bumper with Smooth Motion Swinging Tire Carrier system is one of the best new products for the JK Wrangler. With the bumpers being constructed of high-grade, precision cut 3/16" steel and complete with the Expedition One Smooth Motion STC system, it is no wonder we have seen this bumper rapidly rise in popularity. The unique Expedition One system integrates the carrier and rear gate with an adjustable coupling system that places the extra load of the spare tire on the bumper and chassis decreasing unnecessary wear of the rear gate and stock hinges.

Expedition One Jeep JK Rear Bumpers come with 2-stage zinc primed textured black powder coat, are designed to utilize the stock receiver hitch, and provide a tire carrier system that supports up to a 40" tire.

Priced at just under $1300, you can’t beat the quality, style, design and innovation of the Expedition One JKRB100. Pick one up now and find out why Jeep lovers are raving about this rear bumper with tire carrier for yourself.

Of course, there are other rear Jeep bumpers with tire carriers available, but these five are Bumper Superstore’s most highly rated at different price points designed to fit every budget.

Choosing the Right Rear Jeep Bumper

While it is not universally true that more expensive items are higher quality, we do believe that quality bumpers are priced to meet the expectations of that price point. While the ADD rear bumper tops our list in price, we think every bumper on this list is equal value based on your needs.

That being said, we like one of the bumpers a bit more the rest—the Expedition One Trail Series is a great combination of cost and quality.  At just a couple hundred dollars more than the DV8 bumper, and about $100 less than the ADD rear bumper system, the Expedition One option is well worth the price due to its intuitive design, its overall functionality, and its durability. Of course, you should assess your needs and make your selection accordingly, but we feel that the winner in this lineup is clear.

Bumper Superstore is proud to carry this superior product; we’re confident you’ll find that it exceeds all of your expectations. If you’re ready to purchase a rear bumper with a tire carrier that will truly give your Jeep the edge you’re after, shop the Expedition One JKRB100 STC Trail Series Rear Bumper today.