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What are the Best Value Bumpers Under $1000?

If you love your truck and you want to enhance its safety and functionality, but you’re not exactly made of money, you’re probably interested in finding a balance between quality and value. The problem is, most exceptional bumpers come with a price tag to match, so if you were hoping to make low-cost upgrades, you may find yourself feeling disheartened quickly.

The good news is you can absolutely find bumpers under $1000; the great news is, with the right guidance, you can even find a bumper that’s both durable and reliable without breaking the bank. We’ve outlined some of the best value bumpers on the market so your thrifty shopping experience can be incredibly simple.

Common Bumper Brands Under $1000

Though there are certainly well-known brands that tend to skew higher, there are some tried and true players in this industry that often put out products under $1,000 as well. These brands also have products that veer into more expensive territory, but they are known for producing affordable bumpers on a regular basis.

Smittybilt Truck and Jeep Bumpers —Smittybilt’s line of offroad and rugged bumpers are manufactured from cold roll steel and equipped with a signature two-stage powder coat, so there’s no question about the strength and durability of their products. These bumpers range in price from around $300 to about $1,400, so there are plenty of options below that $1,000 threshold.


Thunderstuck Premium Truck Bumpers — With an incredibly unique look and a wide variation in their lineup of rugged products, Thunderstruck Truck Bumpers offers bumpers at price points ranging from around the $900 mark well past that $1,000 price point, but you’ll have no problem finding one of these aftermarket beauties that’s well within your budget. Made from smooth steel or diamond plate, you can’t go wrong with one of these fully customizable bumpers designed to replace stock bump ers and leave some money in your wallet. 




DV8 Bumpers — Designed for offroad vehicles, DV8 bumpers are tough and resilient, no matter what adventures you may encounter. Most of the DV8 bumper line can be purchased for under $1000 and there are lots of options for every make and model, so you are sure to find one to fit your style. Add in the industry respect and quality craftmanship and this line of bumpers is trusted on trails across the globe.


Steelcraft Truck Bumpers — Designed for Trucks, Steelcraft bumpers are resilient to wear and tear. Steelcraft bumpers come equipped with tow hooks, fog lights, and a punch plate for maximum grille coverage. With a wide range of bumpers, from front to rear, to elevation and pipe styles, these bumpers slide into our list with attitude but keep you under budget without sacrificing quality.  



Though these brands tend to put out affordable bumpers frequently, that’s not to say that you can’t find a cost-effective score from other manufacturers as well. We’ve provided details on some of the highest quality bumpers from a range of different suppliers below.

Additional Bumpers Under $1000

When discussing which specific bumpers offer the best value under $1,000, it’s easiest if we break them up by winch bumpers and grill guard bumpers to offer a more focused perspective. No matter what sort of bumper you’re looking for, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find just how many options are available.

Winch Bumpers Under $1000


Grill Guard Bumpers Under $1000

There’s no reason that upgrading your bumper should have to mean setting yourself back financially.


If it’s just not in the cards for you to spend thousands on an aftermarket product right now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a durable and effective bumper. Many major manufacturers in the automotive industry put out quality products that are less expensive than their premium offerings, and now you can capitalize on one of these thrifty finds.


Check out the bumpers linked in this guide, and shop the selection at Bumper Superstore when you’re ready to purchase the affordable bumper of your dreams.