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What Are The Best Rear Jeep Bumpers in 2020? - Top Jeep Bumpers in 2020 - Bumper Superstore

What Are The Best Rear Jeep Bumpers in 2020?

Few people on Earth love a good upgrade more than Jeep owners, and rear bumpers are one of the most popular fixations for enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicles’ performance, safety, or appearance. Industry manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and add value with new rear Jeep bumpers, which is why we’ve decided to take a fresh look at all of the best rear JK Jeep bumpers on the market in 2020.

Why Upgrade Your Jeep Bumper?

Most laymen could tell you that upgrading a front bumper of a vehicle (particularly one designed for off-roading) makes sense because it protects some of the most vital mechanical parts of the vehicle—but what about the rear bumper? Is it really worth it to add your own aftermarket rear bumper to your Jeep when it requires an investment from you? As you probably already know, the answer is absolutely yes.

The reality is that a rear bumper is vitally important for protecting your Jeep from damage in rugged terrain, so upgrading to a durable bumper that’s specifically designed for adventurous applications will give you peace of mind. Not only that, but aftermarket rear Jeep bumpers will also provide integrated hitch mounts, and many of them can even give you a place to put oversized tires.

Although it’s clear that upgrading your Jeep bumper is a great idea, it may be less obvious which brand you should choose. To help narrow down your search, we’ve outlined some of our favorite brands at Bumper Superstore and the top rear Jeep bumpers they offer in 2020.

Top Rear Jeep Bumper Brands

There are many amazing players in the automotive industry, but we’ve operated in this space long enough to see some of the strongest manufacturers emerge. These 4 brands are the ones that consistently impress us with their products:

  1. Scorpion — An undeniable goliath in the armor industry, Scorpion creates bumpers that completely redefine your expectations. Scorpion bumpers are crafted from cold roll steel, precision-cut with lasers, then formed to shape with CNC press brakes for an absolutely faultless manufacturing process. From there, Scorpion bumpers are Mig welded and powder coated, which means that they are both incredibly strong and exceptionally protected from whatever elements may come their way.

It’s easy to see why Scorpion has forged such a solid reputation for themselves, so it comes as no surprise that one of their rear bumpers ranks as one of our favorites for 2020. The 6105502BK rear bumper with LED lights comes with all of the durability you’d expect from Scorpion, plus a tapered design to accommodate clearance, two LED lights with wiring, and all the necessary hardware for installation. At just $625, this rear Jeep bumper is an incredible bargain; don’t wait to purchase yours. 

  1. Hammerhead — Don’t let the mid-range pricing fool you—Hammerhead bumpers are absolutely high-end when it comes to their construction and their quality. This brand takes care to ensure that they make the installation process as simple as possible, and they work hard to update their designs to fit the changing bodies of vehicles. All Hammerhead bumpers are finished with a satin black powder coat finish for a classy aesthetic that keeps your bumper protected regardless of what adventures you may take on.

At Bumper Superstore, our favorite hammerhead rear bumper for 2020 is the 600-56-0319 stubby standard rear bumper. Though it has been reinforced to ensure that it can hold up to any application, this bumper is also designed to be as light as possible. If you’re hoping to find a rear bumper that adds a little bit of edge to your Jeep’s look, then this is the perfect solution—this bumper was designed to make your vehicle appear more aggressive. The good news is, you won’t compromise on function for style if you go for this product, and the upgrade will only run you $769.50.

  1. Iron Cross — If you know anything about custom bumpers, then there’s a good chance you know about Iron Cross. This brand is detail-oriented to the extreme, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to creating incredible products. Iron Cross bumpers are hand-welded to allow for extra meticulous care, and they are finished with a black powder coat to ensure durability.

Anyone who came to this list hoping to find a solid, classic bumper that would better protect their Jeep from rugged terrain and a little bit of style to boot will love our top pick from Iron Cross. The GP-2100 full size rear bumper is made of 10 gauge steel and CNC laser cut for ultimate precision, so it will look great and perform beautifully no matter how daunting the circumstance may be. Shop this Iron Cross bumper today for just $600.

  1. Smittybilt — Another staple of the industry, Smittybilt is a brand known for strength as all of their bumpers are manufactured from cold-rolled steel. To make their products even more durable, Smittybilt also coats all of their bumpers with a signature two-stage powder coat.

Our favorite Smittybilt rear Jeep bumper this year, the 76858 XRC GEN2 Max rear bumper, lives up to the brand’s reputation. Featuring a D ring and jack point mount plus raised corners, it’s clear that this bumper is both durable and functional. Not to mention, you can even opt to add on a tire carrier; without that addition, this bumper upgrade costs $559.99.

If you’ve been toying around with the idea of upgrading your rear Jeep bumper, now is a great time to take the plunge, but we know that it can feel tough to choose which aftermarket bumper you want to select.

Bumper Superstore is here to help you choose the rear Jeep bumper that best fits your vision, and we’re confident that any of our top picks will far exceed your expectations. Shop our selections for top rear Jeep bumpers today, and enjoy a product that transforms the function and appearance of your vehicle.