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Toyota Tacoma Winch Bumpers - Best Tundra Bumper - Toyota Truck Body Armor

Product Feature: Body Armor TC-19339 HiLine Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma trucks are well-known for being some of the most dependable and long-lasting trucks both on and off-road. They hold their value well and are easy to modify for a variety of purposes – including off-roading and outdoor adventuring.

The quality of the Toyota brand mixed with the access to aftermarket bumpers is where Body Armor comes in. The Body Armor is a well-known aftermarket bumper brand that started more than 20 years ago and has become a staple in the truck and SUV industry.

Today, the Body Armor brand is known for offering some of the best Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma aftermarket bumpers on the internet and is headlined by the TC-19339 HiLine Series Front Bumper for Toyota Tacoma.

Made from 3/16” heavy-duty steel plate, and complete with a 1/4” winch mount, this Tacoma bumper is the perfect upgrade for the outdoor enthusiast looking for durable option to upgrade their vehicle.



We love the TC-19339 HiLine Front Bumper for Toyota Tacoma, but it is only one of the many great Toyota truck bumpers available from Body Armor at Bumper Superstore.

With many options and styles available we are going to take a look at the other Body Armor product lines – the Desert, HiLIne, Eco, and Pro series of bumpers which are all great options in addition to the TC-19339 HiLine Series.




More Body Armor Bumpers at Bumper Superstore:


Body Armor HiLine Series Bumpers


The HiLine Series bumpers are ideal for heavy off-roading and high-performance Tacoma trucks. The HiLine series by Body Armor provides a higher clearance design but can require the trimming of the factory bumper depending on the style and model. Bumper Superstore carries  the HiLine front bumper for the Toyota Tacoma.


The HiLine Series front bumper for the Toyota Tacoma has a 10,000 lb winch capacity and can accommodate a 20” dual row LED light bar. It’s built to accommodate the factory TRD skid  plate, making it very versatile.

Body Armor Desert Series Bumpers


The Desert Series by Body Armor combines great value with excellent durability. At Bumper Superstore, we offer both the Tacoma winch front bumper as well as the Tacoma rear bumper at great prices. The Tacoma front bumper has a durable tubular frame, and step corners for easy access. With a 10,000 lb winch capacity and cutouts for an 18” light bar as well as up to 4 cube lights, it’s a great investment for any Tacoma owner.


The Desert Series rear Tacoma bumper uses the same tubular frame with sheet metal support and accommodates 2 cube lights. The large step corners facilitate easy bed access for your truck and create stylish lines when you are cruising.



Body Armor Eco Series Bumpers


This Body Armor bumper series is a best seller, thanks to the combination of quality and value it offers to Tacoma and Tundra owners. We carry both the Tacoma and Tundra winch front bumpers  at Bumper Superstore. The Toyota Tundra Eco series winch front bumper is built with 1/8" steel and a 1/4" winch plate, and accommodates winches up to 12,000 lbs in capacity. It’s OE sensor compatible and has an  easy bolt-on installation that accommodates a 30” dual row middle LED and 4 cube LEDs.


The Toyota Tacoma Eco series winch front bumper uses 3/16” steel and a 1/4" winch plate that offers 10,000lb winch capacity. This kit can accommodate two 4” round LED lights, features no-drill  installation with the OEM receiver, and includes a license plate relocation kit.



Body Armor Pro Series Bumpers


The Body Armor Pro Series bumper line is lightweight and ideal for high-performance off-roading. We carry the Pro Tacoma front bumper and winch, and Tacoma and Tundra rear bumpers. The Pro Series Tacoma front bumper is made from durable 3/16” steel with a 1/4" winch mount that accommodates 10,000 lb capacity winches.

 It has a high clearance design and requires trimming of the factory bumper. It can be fitted with a 30” dual-row LED light and two cube lights.

Both the Tundra and Tacoma Pro Series rear bumper feature bolt-on, no-drill installation and a 3/16” steel design. The Tacoma Pro bumper can accommodate two cube lights, while the Tundra Pro bumper does not have any lighting cut-outs.


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At Bumper Superstore, we have a full range of Body Armor bumpers including the Pro, Eco, HiLine, and Desert series bumpers for Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tacoma pickups. Shop this Body Armor bumper series today and get the products you need.

With industry-leading prices, free shipping on most products, and hassle-free returns, we make it easy for you to get everything you need. Visit our website and start shopping for Body Armor bumpers today, or feel free to contact us online if you have any questions.


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