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Steel or Aluminium Bumpers - Bumper Replacement Tips - Why Steel Bumpers

Steel Vs. Aluminum Bumpers – Everything You Need To Know

For owners of trucks, Jeeps, and 4x4s, it’s very common to swap out the factory-installed bumper with something more suited to your individual style. A steel or aluminum bumper provides more durability, helps with towing and winching, and can also be useful for protecting your 4x4 while off-roading.

But there is a lot of debate between the two most popular types of aftermarket bumpers – aluminum bumpers and steel bumpers. In this guide, we’ll discuss the varying differences between aluminum vs. steel bumpers to ensure you’re fully informed before making a buying decision.


Weight of Steel Bumpers vs Aluminum Bumpers 

 If you’re looking for a lighter-weight bumper, aluminum is definitely the way to go. Aluminum is about 1/3 of the weight of steel, so it’s a much lighter weight option. If your     truck or Jeep is still on stock shocks and springs, aluminum is definitely a better choice.

 Heavy steel bumpers can change the weight distribution of your vehicle, and often require more aftermarket modifications for proper performance on and off-road. Otherwise,   you may end up finding that your braking and maneuverability are not quite as good.



Longevity of Steel and Aluminum Bumpers

When comparing longevity between aluminum vs. steel bumpers, you’ll find that both types of bumpers will last a very long time. However, while modern powder-coated steel is extremely corrosion-resistant, it may eventually rust, while aluminum will never corrode or rust. This gives aluminum bumpers a slight edge.

Steel or Aluminum Bumpers and Your Budget

Aluminum bumpers are much more expensive than steel bumpers, since aluminum is more expensive and harder to process than steel, and creating aluminum bumpers is a more specialized process.

In contrast, steel is abundant and commonly used for bumpers, so it’s quite a bit cheaper. If you’re on a budget, steel bumpers are a cheaper option, but those more to spend may find splurging on aluminum bumpers to be worth it.

Steel Bumper Style or Aluminum Bumper Style?

There’s no clear winner between aluminum vs. steel bumpers when it comes to style. Both bumpers come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and can include grill guards as well as lights, and they can be powder-coated and painted to match any truck.

Are Steel Bumpers Stronger than Aluminum Bumpers?

Heavy-duty aluminum is very strong, but this metal is still a bit more brittle and fragile than steel. Steel is heavier, more ductile (bendable), and will handle collisions and obstacles better than aluminum.

However, when it comes to holding up to smaller obstacles while off-roading, like sticks and branches, both types of bumpers will offer similar performance.

What’s Better, a Steel or Aluminum Bumper? It Depends On What You Want!

If you’re not on a budget and want a corrosion-resistant, lightweight bumper that will last for years to come, aluminum bumpers are a great option. But if you have less to spend, prefer a more heavy-duty bumper, or want superior protection, steel bumpers may be better for you.

So in the end, it all depends on what you want! At Bumper Superstore, we have a huge selection of both types of bumpers – and with free shipping and hassle-free returns, it’s easy to get the aftermarket bumpers you need. Shop online now, or contact us if you have any questions.