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Pickup Truck Tent Attachment - Sky Ridge 2 Person Tent - Portable Tent for Trucks

Explore The Wilderness In Comfort With The Sky Ridge Pike 2 Person Tent


If you have a truck or SUV, a truck tent attachment is a great investment. These attachments mount onto the bed or roof of your vehicle, and provide you with an elevated platform complete with a durable, comfortable tent.

This pickup truck tent attachment is easy to install, mount, and use, and offers unparalleled flexibility. If you love off-roading, camping, and exploring the backcountry, a portable tent for trucks like the Body Armor’s Sky Ridge Pike 2 Person Tent is a great investment.

What Can You Do With A Truck Tent Attachment?

The possibilities are truly limitless with a pickup truck tent attachment like the Body Armor Sky Ridge Pike 2 Person Tent:

  •     Go anywhere, no need for campgrounds or hotels – When it’s time to set up camp, all you have to do is unfold the tent and platform. You can camp anywhere – even areas where there are no campgrounds or hotels. Just pull off to a safe location and unfold the portable tent for trucks to set up camp. That’s it!
  •     Enjoy enhanced comfort & safety – Your pickup truck tent attachment is on an elevated platform that’s further away from animals like bears and raccoons, and you will also enjoy better comfort, since airflow is improved on the elevated platform.
  •     Explore and adventure on your terms – With a truck tent attachment, you can explore the great outdoors on your own terms. Whether you’re touring national parks or visiting a local outdoor preserve for a weekend, you’ll be able to enjoy your adventure, have fun, and rest easy in a comfortable, convenient tent at the end of the day.

Best 2 Person Portable Tent for Trucks - The Body Armor Sky Ridge Pike 2 Person Tent

Why is this portable tent for trucks our top pick? The foldable platform is built with durable aluminum tubing, and it includes a 2.4-inch high-density foam mattress for comfort. Added insulation of the portable tent for trucks keeps you warmer in the cold months, and lets you stay cool in warmer weather.

Not only that, but it mounts universally on any truck, SUV, or trailer with the included mounting hardware – and the telescoping ladder extends to 90.55”, so it’s even suitable for lifted trucks.

This pickup truck tent attachment is easy to set up and offers 28 square feet of space for two people, with a waterproof ripstop tent design featuring three large windows for airflow and a separate rain fly. The Sky Ridge also comes with a heavy-duty travel cover that lets you fold the entire tent up and protect it while driving. It’s on sale for $899.99 – get yours today!

Why Buy A Sky Ridge Pike 2 Person Tent?

With the Sky Ridge Pike 2 Person Tent, you’ll be able to explore the wilderness in comfort. This product is durable and built entirely with corrosion-resistant materials, and it’s easy to set up and take down, so you won’t have to spend a long time managing your campsite after a long day of driving or adventuring.

If you’re looking for a truck tent that’s sure to serve you for the years and decades to come, it’s definitely the best choice.


Shop Today And Get The Gear You Need For Your Next Adventure!

We highly recommend the Sky Ridge Pike 2 Person Tent if you’re in need of a truck tent for your next outdoor expedition. It offers convenience, comfort, and privacy in an affordable package. So shop today, and make sure you outfit yourself with the gear you need for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Whether you’re on a cross-country road trip or exploring close to home, this pickup truck tent attachment has everything you need!

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